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We provide you with an amazing product that is used in making floor tiles non-slip especially when wet. We service the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Markets in the Eastern Cape.

We treat the following floor surfaces : Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles, Glazed Brick, Granite, Polished Stone, Terrazzo, River Rock, Concrete and Quarry Tile.

The IntellaTread formulation is imported from the USA and is used extensively worldwide by hundreds of blue chip companies down to the smallest homeowner.

The procedure does not change the appearance of the surface when sprayed on and in most cases lasts as long as the surface sprayed onto, is cost effective and does not disrupt the client's business. The treatment changes the microbiological structure of the surface that it is sprayed onto increasing the Scientific Coefficient of Friction and providing a greatly improved Grip Factor.

Our existing client base ranges from the home owner who only needs a few square meters treated in their bathroom, to major corporations and schools.



IntellaTread does not etch the floor instead IntellaTread creates a tread pattern that makes your surfaces slip-resistant!

All mineral-based surfaces are porous by nature. When the IntellaTread surface treatment is applied, the natural pores are widened and deepened to create a tread pattern that is not slippery.

A slippery when wet floor is less slippery wet - than when dry !

IntellaTread reduces the risk and danger of slip and fall accidents, increasing floor safety on surfaces that become slippery when wet. It makes the floor safer to walk on wet than dry. Thus avoiding injury, lawsuits, litigation costs, employees days lost and the subsequent loss of goodwill.

It is a uniquely formulated compound designed to react with silica sand in any mineral surface such as Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, Quarry Tile, Slate, Terrazzo, Granite, Cement and other Stone surfaces that become slippery when wet.

The result of the chemical reaction with the mineral surface is a creation of thousands of microscopic crevices, a tread pattern that creates a suction cup effect when the treated surface becomes wet.

IntellaTread can be safely applied without changing the appearance of the material or grout on which it is applied.

An IntellaTread treatment actually makes the floor safer to walk on wet than dry!!

Moreover, unlike many other chemicals that may work topically and eventually crack, peel, rub off or are affected by ultra violet light, IntellaTread will not rub off, crack, peel, chip or discolor with age.

There is little discernible change in appearance after the surface treatment has been applied. Once treated, the floor can be walked on immediately and is maintained by normal cleaning methods.

While technically the IntellaTread treatment should last the life of the tile, we provide a 5 Year warranty from the date of application.

As all floors are different depending on the type of material, age and use, they are tested prior to treatment to ensure a quality professional non-slip result.

Licensed IntellaTread operators carry out the treatment and will provide a no obligation on-site demonstration and quotation.

What is IntellaTread

IntellaTread is a surface changing chemical treatment (not a coating) which reduces the risk and danger of slips and falls the resulting potential for injury and lawsuits, litigation costs, employee days off and injuries to family and friends.

What chemicals are used and how do they work?

IntellaTread uses a uniquely formulated eight compound chemical to create a long lasting. slip resistant surface on most mineral surfaces. the reaction creates a microscopic tread pattern on the surface, not unlike millions of tiny suction cups. When this surface is wet, these suction cups work to provide a dramatic increase inthe SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) so reducing the chance of a slip and fall accident.

Will treatment change the appearance or colour of the surface?

No. However, if the original surface has a very high gloss, treating it with IntellaTread may slightly dull its appearance. Unfortunately, very shiny surfaces are not safe surfaces, particulary when wet. In most instances, however, the change to the surface will not be visible to the naked eye. before an IntellaTread Operator treats any surface, a small portion will be tested so that the owner can satisfy himself as to both the appearance and the slip resistance achieved.

Will IntellaTread damage the grouting?

No. It will clean and in most cases, bring the grout back to its original colour.

Will this treatment prevent all slip and fall accidents?

No. There are many reasons why slip & fall accidents are the second major cause of injuries in the USA (after motor related accidents) Surface conditions, spillages. footwear, poor housekeeping and avoidablehazards all contributeto such accidents. However, the single largest contributor to slip & fall accidents is deemed to be wetted surface conditions and this is where IntellaTread is designed to dramatically reduce your risk.

How long will the effectiveness of the treatment last?

This depends on several factors including the type of surface material, proper initial application, good floor cleaning practices and the frequency and the type of traffic the floor receives. All treatments are guarenteed for a minimum of five years and in many circumstances one can anticipate many more years of improved traction.

Does it work on all surfaces?

It works on any form of ceramic tile, most stone surfaces and even agglomerates. Anything with a silica molecular base, including concrete, responds very well. Unfortunately the process does not work on wood, vinyl, epoxy or fibreglass surfaces.

How do we know it realy works?

An accepted measurement of "slipperiness" can be made measuring the Standard Coefficient of Friction of a wetted surface and comparing this to the accepted levels set down by the ASTM (American Society for the testing of Materials). Even without this, your own foot will immediatly feel the difference, so great is the improvementin the traction.

Who actually does the job?

Fully trained licensed operators take responsibility for the entire project. The process must of neccessity be done with caution and with propoer preparation. Before any work is undertaken a small sample area is tested to arrive at the correct formulation and treatment timings. This is not a prcedure for the DIY enthusiast.

Can the treatment be done at a convenient time to me?

Certainly. Many of our clients run businesses that cannot be disrupted during working hours. We can do the job at any time which is convenient.

Who can benefit from IntellaTread?

Everyone! Fast food outlets, nursing homes, restaurants, office buildings, banks, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, country clubs as well as private homes with bathrooms, jacuzzis and patios.

Are there any special cleaning requirements after I have my floor treated?

The cleaner the floor the more effective the treatment. If dirt, oil or any other contaminants are allowed to stay on the floor it will impregnate the microscopic suction cups and dramatically reduce the SCOF.

Could treatment of my floor surface with IntellaTread be contributory defense in respect of any public liability claim?

Decisions in 'slip & fall' claims within South African courts depend substantially on the nature of the particular facts in each case. In general, the principal appears to be that the business owner needs to take reasonable precautions to ensure that the floor is safe for the public. Treating your floors with IntellaTread would certainly be seen as a serious attempt to reduce the risk inherent in a wetted hard surface.

Can a treated surface be waxed. sealed or coated afterwards?

No. Waxing, sealing or coating a treated surface will neutralize the effectiveness of a treatment. It will tend to clog or fill the nicro suction cups on the surface thereby negating its slip resistant properties.

When can i walk on the treated surface?

Immediately after the surface has been treated. there is no waiting or setting time required.

What will it cost to 'safety proof' my floors with IntellaTread?

Each installation varies in price depending on the surface material, the layout and the size. Because different surfaces require different formulations of the chemical we cannot give a simple price based on the area treated. The ultimate price will be far less than replacing your tiles and the hospitalization cost in the event of a serious slip or fall accident (or the cost of succesful litigation by an injured client).


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